The rock quartet that is The Fallen Electric started out in 2012. Founding member, Jimmy Ganzer, and company would quickly find out that shaking up the scene in Southern California’s Inland Empire as a formerly three-piece alternative rock band was no easy feat. Playing anywhere they could, they cut their teeth on entertaining the local bar scenes. With more stage time allowed to them, the boys helped themselves to jams that would draw nostalgic children of the ‘90s to shows as they sprinkled in an increasing original playlist throughout their set.

In late 2016, the boys shook up the lineup with the addition of Joe to form the four-piece band as we know it today. Anticipation for their freshman album, Never Seen the World (2018), would be the catalyst for their exposure to new stages. Drawing from their alternative roots and grungy influences, band members Jimmy Ganzer (Vocals/Guitar), Drew Barber (Bass/Vocals), Joe Carrillo (Guitar/Vocals), and Richard Argumosa (Drums/Percussion) aim to fuse this unprocessed energy with the new scene. Their catchy hooks and honest lyrics are an open invitation for anyone to get lost down this road with them—and they were just getting started. Their single, Listen, released in June of 2019 will be the first of many upcoming singles showing off their ‘90s alt-rock roots for a new generation.